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About This Site

Following a long (10yr+) contract job developing public safety applications mainly in C#/.NET, I found myself looking for another job. It seemed to me that many jobs were now seeking ASP.NET skills.

I have used HTML, CSS and Javascript occcasionally since the late 1990s and I have created some small ASP.NET web sites (e.g. for internal customer demos). I am comfortable with ASP.NET web services and have interacted with them on large mission critical projects.

However, it seems hard to prove such skills on a resume or to a recruiter who wants to see live examples!

So this website was born as a publically available resource to show that I have at least some web-related technical abilities.

In other words, I created this website to learn more about ASP.NET and investigate related technologies.

I am furthering my ASP.NET skills by reading through the Microsoft training guide for exam 70-515 (Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4) in preparation for the MCTS exam. It's been a while since I took a Microsoft exam, so we'll see how it goes. This website is still a work in progress and will likely be improved with pages and applications as my studies continue.

Since the initial creation of this website, I have been working in an ASP.NET MVC role with my most recent employer. I have been part of a small team supporting and enhancing a busy website used by teachers and prospective teachers across the entire state of Queensland. It's a joy to provide services which make a difference to the days of many people, and the experience has been invaluable. Working with lots of T-SQL and SSRS has been great too.

Most recently, I have been creating a website for a local business owner friend of mine using ASP.NET MVC4 for the main pages, along with a WordPress blog for details of past building projects.
See my work online now at Phoenix Building & Renovations.

Technical Info

This page is just basic HTML within a master page using CSS for all layout.

Original CSS template from Open Source Web Design